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    In 2015, with all 50 state legislatures actively in session, 335 bills have been introduced affecting any of our 4 segments of PBA membership. As of June 23, 15 legislatures are still in session.

    Legislative trends affecting
    licensing included:

    Alabama House Bill 14/House Bill 423/Senate Bill 8 – exempts barbers from regulation. House Bill 14 passed but only exempts Class 1 barbers. House Bill 423 and Senate Bill 8 failed.

    Arkansas Senate Bill 1041 – Slightly reduces hour requirements for cosmetologists, manicurists and estheticians. Passed.

    Colorado Senate Bill 31 – Provides that a person does not need to obtain licensure to practice an occupation or profession during the person's first year in the state based on several criteria. Failed.

    Maryland House Bill 1167 – Authorizes the practice of cosmetology in a mobile beauty salon. Failed.

    Mississippi Senate Bill 2040 – States the State Board of Cosmetology shall admit for a licensure examination an applicant who has successfully enrolled in a community college and otherwise meets the statutory qualifications. Passed.

    Nevada Assembly Bill 89 – Requires state licensing boards and bodies to develop licensure reciprocity opportunities for service members, veterans and their families holding licenses that are not currently recognized by the state. Passed.

    Texas House Bill 845 – Decreases the hours of instruction needed in a licensed beauty culture school from 1,500 to 1,165; hours of instruction in beauty culture school from 1,000 to 765. Failed.

    West Virginia House Bill 2132 – Allows anyone over the age of 18 to practice as a barber. They do not need to complete the required 1200 hours of coursework, or pass an exam. Failed.

    Find out which bills in YOUR state passed or failed! Our State Legislation blog is the only industry resource with daily updates on the status of legislation concerning licensure, State Boards, salon safety and cosmetology education.

    Have questions on the status of chemical and/or product ban legislation? Contact Bridget, or Myra,
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