Four Simple Steps To Become A Licensed Nail Tech

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    Once accepted, you will attend 300 hours of Nail Theory and hands-on training.


    Upon successfully graduating, you will then be ready to take the state board exam and become a licensed Nail Tech!
    Register before Dec 31 to avoid the 2015 Tuition Increase!

    Starting in 2015, tuition will increase from $2075 to $2375. Register, sign the student contract and pay the $250 Registration Fee by Dec 31, 2014 and reserve your seat BEFORE the increase!

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    One of our students posted this today after an extremely busy day of clients. She had a "ah ha" moment that all nailtechs have. You realize that what you do is way beyond nails and what you provide clients is way beyond making their nails beautiful...Read on... Samantha: This is going to sound cheesy but I've been thinking about it all day so here goes anyhow - Today I volunteered to take a walk in. We were busy earlier in the day but I had nothing else to do when I finished up on another client so I figured sure, I'll just do it. Practice and what not. I did my normal "Any plans for today?" kind of small talk and she tells me that she hadn't had a pedicure since August. She has an 11 month old daughter and worked full time and was insanely busy. She didn't usually get pedicures in the winter but to her surprise she got out of work early and she had a little over an hour before she had to grab her daughter from the babysitter and she was just so happy we could squeeze her in knowing it was the holiday. When I asked her about her polish she said "I just really wanted to get my feet taken care of, everything else you're doing is just a treat." I didn't really think much of it in that moment. We are all busy. And then when I was sitting at home it really hit me. This woman who has been crazy busy with work and a baby and TWO teenage boys, she had an hour, a glorious hour of free time to do whatever in the world she wanted to do, and she wanted to come in to our nail school and get a pedicure, get her feet taken care of. She didn't rush home to take a nap, or go shopping, or catch up on something - she really wanted to just sit and rest her feet with us and she was grateful. It's weird but that really means something. It was different. It made me feel really good about what I do. I'm glad I offered to do her pedicure. ... See MoreSee Less

    Wednesday November 26th

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    Wednesday November 26th

    We have a night time appointment open tonight! 5:30 or 6; 241-1719 ... See MoreSee Less

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